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Great Books

Hi! I'm Sami and this is my blog were I will be posting my thoughts on the Greek myths that we are going to be reading in class. I have read quite a few of the classic Greek myths before, it was a small obsession I had when I was younger. I am hoping that reading these this time around will be a different experience just being older and having a better understanding of life and if these myths are just old tales spoken to give entertainment or if there is a lesson or an idea hidden somewhere deep below.


These Characters have got me hooked

House of names was a retelling of the story of Clytemnestra and all actions that the family takes when it comes to wanting to power and...

Please, save us too

Cassandra by Christa Wolf, this is the story of an author writing about the pain she feels as a woman in war time, through a character....

A Vicious Cycle of Family

Throughout “The Oresteia: Agamemnon” there are quite a few references to children and their parents and the sacrifices through them. The...